What is Oxygen Therapy?

Now that the school year is over (I’m a homeschooling mom, which should explain my mysterious disappearance from Sept. to June) it’s time to get back to blogging.

I have a question for all you knowledgeable people out in the blogosphere. Does anybody have any experience with oxygen therapy?

I just read a book called “The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases”.  I’m very intrigued- who wouldn’t be by a title like that- and I’d love to discuss it with people who have some experience with it.

Specifically, has anybody tried the at-home hydrogen peroxide therapy? If everything the author states in the book is true, it’s pretty astonishing.

I have to admit that her warning that improper use of the therapy could be dangerous or even fatal dimmed my enthusiasm. I understand that ingesting the wrong grade or dilution of hydrogen peroxide could cause trouble,  and I want to proceed with caution. Sure, I could ask a doctor, but first I’d have to find one that actually knows something about this particular topic. I don’t have that kind of time, so I thought I’d ask you.

Please let me know what you know!

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Time to Detox

Ok, I’m back. I haven’t put any time into blogging since school started (in addition to being a writer with novel #2 in the works, I homeschool my kids). I’m a little amazed that I’ve had visiters to my blog even while I’ve been off focusing on other things.

Welcome to the first Monday of the new year-two distinctions that officially designate this as a great day to begin my new quest for health. I’m starting a new eating program (I hate the word “diet”, and my aim here isn’t on weight loss anyway). I’m using a wonderful book I discovered called “The Raw Detox Diet” (there’s that “D” word again. I guess I’ll have to get over it) by Natalia Rose. I’ll tell you more about the program as I progress, but today I’ll give a quick rundown of my reasons for doing it:

  • It’s time to start taking care of myself. Really. 2010 is the year of Extreme Self-Care.
  • Unless I make some changes, the arthritis in my hips is going to put me in a wheelchair.
  • I’m sick of daily pain (again with the hips).
  • I’m sick of always feeling tired.

I started off today, as per the plan, by eating a banana. Some of the raw diets I’ve read tell you not to eat fruit. What? You mean I’m supposed to be content eating nothing but raw veggies and sprouted grains for the rest of my days? I think not. God created a variety of enjoyable foods for us (and no, I don’t include HoHos in that statement).  Anyway, that’s one thing I love about this plan-fruit in abundance. I can live with that.

In about half and hour, I’ll have sprouted toast with avocado. I’ve never been a huge fan of the avocado, so we’ll see how that goes. Oh, by the way, this diet isn’t entirely raw-another plus in my book.

More about all the reasons for the menu choices later. Suffice to say, it’s all about digestion.

Happy New Year!

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“Rocky Mountain Oasis” an Inspiration

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JM11DM/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=christi06-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B002JM11DMShe’s been living in a desert all her life. Suddenly she’s come upon an oasis. But is it just a mirage?

Thus begins the premise for Lynnette Bonner’s new Christian Historical Romance, Rocky Mountain Oasis (published by OakTara).

I’ve had the pleasure of being Lynnette’s critique partner for more than a year now, and I’m pleased and proud to see her new book make its debut. Lynnette has been a blessing and an inspiration to me and I believe this,  Book One of The Shepherd’s Heart series, will have a similar impact on readers.

Brooke Marie Baker, eighteen, has been sent west as a mail-order bride. As the stage nears Greer’s Ferry, where she is to meet the man she’s pledged to marry, she tries to swallow the lump of nervousness in her throat. Can it be any worse than living with Uncle Jackson…or Hank? she wonders. All men are the same, aren’t they? But with her parents and sister dead, she has no choice.

 Sky Jordan, a rancher, holds a single, yellow daisy in his hand as he watches the ferry cross the river. Ever since he’d found out his surly cousin, Jason, had sent for a mail-order bride, his mind and heart had been ill at ease. No woman deserves to be left with the likes of Jason. But now he questions his own plans to claim the bride for himself. Why am I drawn to this woman I don’t even know?

 A wounded heart. Desperate choices. Unfathomable love. Set in the adventure and danger of the Wild West.

Lynnette does a wonderful job of capturing life in the Idaho Territory in 1885. I was drawn in from the start to the dangers that were a part of life for settlers a century ago. Still, her characters’ struggles are easy to relate to in a modern context. While the concept of a young woman being sold as a mail order bride is far from our contempory consciousness, we can relate to Brooke’s feelings about her experience. Does she dare let down her guard with her new husband, or should she steel herself against yet another abusive man?

As the relationship between Brooke and Sky deepens, the plot takes enough turns to keep us wondering if the two will even survive. A menacing villain sets his sights on Brooke just as she begins to trust Sky. Will Sky win her over to the Lord, or will she succomb to her own fear and the dangers that lurk in the darkness?   

“An intriguing tale with the perfect blend of suspense, drama, and romance. Best keep your eyes on Lynnette Bonner. She’s a gifted storyteller.” -SHARLENE MACLAREN, Author, Through Every Storm, Long Journey Home, Little Hickman Creek Series, The Daughters of Jacob Kane Series

To get a taste of Lynnette’s crisp storytelling, link to the first few chapters of the book: http://www.lynnettebonner.com/rmoexcerpt.pdf

Rocky Mountain Oasis is available at:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Rocky-Mountain-Oasis-Lynnette-Bonner/dp/1602902143/ref=tag_cdp_ptcl_ edpp_url

Christian Book: http://www.christianbook.com/1-rocky-mountain-oasis/lynnette-bonner/9781602902145/pd/90214 5?item_code=WW&netp_id=648328&event=ETRS&view=covers

Visit Lynnette’s website: http://lynnettebonner.com


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Reversing Diabetes?

Raw Vegan Sushi

Raw Vegan Sushi

I have no problem believing that our diet has a significant impact on our health. I can even buy that a vegetarian diet might be ideal. But Raw? My personal jury is still out on that one. I confess my apprehension has a lot to do with my emotional attachment to food. Cooked food. Old habits die hard, and they do get in the way of my desire for change.

Still, my aching joints tell me my old ways are no longer serving me. How much evidence do I need that a raw diet is at least beneficial, if not all out optimal? I just heard about a new documentary called Simply Raw. It depicts the journey of six diabetics who go on a strict raw diet for a month. By the end of the 30 days…. well, don’t they say that type 2 diabetes is irreversible?

Don’t they say the same thing about arthritis?


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Playing at Going Green

LettuceI know what I need to do.

Like lots of people my age and older, it’s getting harder for me to move. Arthritis has robbed me of my once-cherished ability to spring from the floor to a standing position free from pain. Sure, I can still manage to help an actor with a 30-second quick change that involves both shoes and hat, but it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

It’s ok. I know what I need to do.

I’ve been researching cures for arthritis and joint pain for years, and I know why I keep looking. It’s because I’m not particularly wild about the answer I keep coming back to. A Raw Diet? Really? Maybe if I keep looking, I’ll uncover scientific evidence that the real cure is fettucine alfredo and dark chocolate.

So, I’ve been dabbling for weeks with improving my diet- adding more vegetables, particularly raw greens; eliminating or at least cutting back on things I know are acidifying. No, I haven’t given up my beloved coffee yet, but I have been combining it with my alkalinizing substitute. I talk a good game, but I’m really only playing at going green.

It’s time to crack down and focus on feeling better. It’s either that or start searching eBay for a used walker.

I’m serious.

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How Important is Our Childrens’ Health?

Food PyramidHave you eaten lunch in a school cafeteria lately? Since my daughters attend classes in a homeschool resource center, part of  the public school system, I’ve had the pleasure of partaking of the cuisine designed to nourish growing bodies and minds. I’m here to tell you, it’s a mighty scary thing.

Not only have the lunch prices nearly doubled in the last couple of years, but the meals have become even less recognizable as actual food. Sure the iceburg lettuce and apple may have their origins in nature, but that breaded chicken patty on a white bun hardly seems worth the energy it would take to consume. My daughters and I agree, we’re better off taking the time to pack our own lunch than to waste our money on that junk.

The frightening thing is, lots of parents assume that if the school is serving it, it must be nutritious. How wrong can they be? If more parents would take the time to learn about true nutrition, would the schools be forced to change? Here’s an interesting article that encourages parents to take action for the future health of our children. The accompanying video is fascinating; did you know that they’ve had to rename Adult Onset Diabetes because so many children are now afflicted?

Gee, is that an indication that we should rethink how we feed our children?

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New Historical Fiction

My critique partner, Lynnette Bonner, has a new book out. It’s an inspirational historical fiction titled “Rocky Mountain Oasis”.  I’ll be hosting her on her blog tour on Sept. 8, so stay tuned!

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