My Blog… and Welcome to it

Since this is a blog about health, I’m going to start off by inviting you on my personal journey to improve mine. Anybody else out there feeling less perky than you’d prefer? Are you just too tired to raise your hand?

Like most of you, I have a busy life with, God willing, many productive years ahead. It’s making me downright angry that I have less energy than I’d like (can I take a nap now?) not to mention pain in my joints that makes me feel like I should join AARP and go take in the early bird special. I’ll appreciate all those senior discounts when I’ve earned them, but I have a few years to go, thank you very much.

My self-diagnosis (based on tons of personal research and input from my doctors) is pretty simple: too much SAD (Standard American Diet) and not enough exercise. Quel suprise. There are some other details to pay attention to, but it really is just that simple. So, here’s my plan of attack:

1. See my doctor (the one who also does accupuncture- my favorite!) as soon as I can get in, which happens to be a few weeks away.
2. Light exercise daily
3. Improve my diet. More on that in future posts.
4. Do the Master Cleanse.

I write #4 as if it’s no big deal. It is…it’s a very big deal. 4-21 days of system rinsing that involves no solid food. Yikes.

Word is that the Master Cleanse, aka the Lemonade Cleanse, kicks those toxins that have been happily residing in your cells to the curb, spring-cleans that colon (I know, eww) renews your zest for living, and paints your entire house. Ok, I made that last one up. This cleanse has been around since the 1940’s and, like Jackie O sunglasses and leg warmers, has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity. It’s critical, however,  to do it with the proper intent (commitment to clean health, not as a means to quick weight loss) and with clear instruction. In an upcoming post I’ll provide some of that, along with recommended reading.

My intention is to do the cleanse for 14 days and to post daily so you can see how it’s going. I promise not to give out every gory detail, just to share how I feel and how it affects my symptoms. It would thrill me to no end if some of you find my blog and decide to do the cleanse with me. Strength in numbers and accountability can work wonders.

Today is Sunday, and I’m planning to start on Thursday. Only four more days of solid food… when’s lunch?



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2 responses to “My Blog… and Welcome to it

  1. Hey, I found you! Lookin’ good. 🙂

  2. janalynvoigt

    Hi Leslie. I’m in. I so need this! Thanks for this blog.


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