My Rant About Healthcare in America

Time for a little rant, then I promise to lighten up.

I have a fascination with healthcare, made especially urgent by my own growing list of health concerns. I’m also plagued by a creeping distrust of Western medicine. You might not agree with me, and I’m certainly not knocking the many people in that industry who have genuine compassion for people. I just think Western medicine has it backwards- it tfocuses on treating illness rather than preventing it. Even at that, the choice of treatment often seems to be based more on profitability for the industry than on what’s right for the patient.

What it boils down to now more than ever, is that we need to take responsibility for our own health. Find a doctor, or two or three for that matter, whose approach feels right to you. Research. Ask questions. Pray for guidance. Bottom line, listen to your body and do what feels right for you.  It’s your body, after all, and you’re the one living in it.

My advice about health insurance- and I get a headache just thinking about that behemoth- is to think of it as a tool for your peace of mind if something major should happen. In my opinion, insurance companies should not get to dictate what kind of care we receive. For example, my family has terrible insurance that doesn’t cover naturopathic care. Well, they do, but only in certain states and when they’re in an especially good mood. Plus, you have to receive the care and submit the bill before they’ll even tell you if a certain doctor is covered. Believe me, if you aren’t sick before you start dealing with them, you will be by the time you’re done. You’ll also be just a little poorer.

Still, it’s naturopathic care that I want my family to have, so we choose to pay out of pocket in spite of the generous premiums we pay to the insurance company. Am I wrong for feeling like I should file a police report because I’ve been robbed?

The high cost of being seen by a medical professional is just one reason why doing your own research is critical. I have three terrific naturopathic doctors whose opinions I trust, but they each have a different knowledge base. I can go to each of them with the same concern and receive three different answers. It makes sense to develop your own knowledge base and to trust your intuition.

So that brings us to my current list of personal health concerns. It seems like everyone I know over a certain age is plagued by (check as many as apply) fatigue, foggy thinking, aches, joint pain, hypoglycemia, depression, weight issues or skin problems, just to name a few.  We have a choice: do nothing, go the conventional route of taking prescription drugs (a topic worthy of a post all its own), or look for natural ways to allow the body to heal itself.

One guess as to which one gets my vote.


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