Fond Farewell to Food

Just now I was digging through my beloved stack of recipes that I’ve printed off the Food Network site (it looks so good when Rachel makes it- I have to have the recipe!) and thinking about how much I love food.

I love to cook. I love to eat. I’d love nothing more than to use this blog to share my favorite key lime pie recipe with you. Maybe eventually.

But for the time being, my purpose here is a little more lofty. See, I was digging through the recipes in search of my instruction sheet for the lemonade cleanse. I found it, right under my recipe for lemon sauce, which rules the world over blueberry cake.  Now I’m ready to get ready.

Two more days till I start the Master Cleanse and no doubt start truly obsessing about food. This seems like a good time to offer up a few thoughts about healthy eating. I’ll go into more detail about this in later posts, but I think most people are afraid to take a good hard look at cleaning up their diet because they’re afraid they’ll be faced with never getting to eat their favorite foods again. I mean, who’s going to get excited about a lifetime of sprouts and tofu over  a bed of brown rice?

I firmly believe that part of what makes a diet “healthy” is the enjoyment it brings us. Just because we’ve grown accustomed to eating overly processed foodstuffs doesn’t mean we can’t readjust our palates to derive the same satisfaction from fresh, clean, real food. Besides, whatever you truly enjoy eating has a healthier version, especially if you don’t mind spending a little time throwing it together yourself at home. Adapt with healthier ingredients, enjoy your treats in moderation, and relax about it.

And hey- toss it with a nice spicy peanut sauce, and that tofu and brown rice starts looking pretty good.


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