Master Cleanse- Day 3

Day 3. Be warned, I’m a little foggy and not so good with the complete sentences.

Interesting…I’m not really hungry- the lemonade does a good job of taking care of that- but I am noticing how prominant food is in our culture. It’s everywhere you look. Not usually such healthy food, either. I mean, who salivates at the sight of a giant broccoli on a billboard?

My energy is a bit better than yesterday. I prayed for God’s protection from the caffeine withdrawal I thought I’d suffer. By God’s grace, I haven’t had a trace of a headache. I would have expected that to have kicked in by now.

My biggest challenge so far is cooking for my kids. This would be so much easier if they could just put their little appetites on hold!


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  1. somedayistoday

    I’m on day too and also have a lot of new observations about food. It’s funny when you can’t eat how much you observe others and what they’re eating. Way to go for day 3! I applaud you for being a mom cooking for your kids while on this cleanse! 🙂

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