Master Cleanse- Day 4

So, I took my kids to the park yesterday, armed with the lemonade concentrate and a big bottle of water. It was sort of a test run for the day trip we’re taking tomorrow. I’ve read from reputable sources that you shouldn’t mix the lemonade in advance (the enzymes from the juice are really only alive for about 10 minutes after squeezing) but that if need be, you can mix the juice with the maple syrup, adding that with the cayenne to the water when you’re ready to drink it. Apparently the maple syrup preserves the enzymes. I’m not sure I understand why the water and cayenne interfere with that, but who am I to argue with science. Anyway, that worked out well.

I’m feeling a touch more energetic today, although I’m pretty achy. I’ll assume that’s part of the detox process.

I “ate” with the family tonight, and surprisingly the one thing that really appealed to me on their plates was the broccoli. I’m really gearing up for an improved diet when I come off the cleanse.

Tomorrow is going to be a big test: attending a social event that (surprise) revolves around food. Wish me luck.


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  1. somedayistoday

    I didn’t know the water interferes when you make it ahead of time. Thanks for that bit of information. I knew not to put the cayenne in as it would be REALLY hot by the time I drank it. 🙂
    I wish you the best today on your trail run and tomorrow. My full day of an event will be on Saturday. I have a wedding that’s a 5 hour drive! I’m doing it in one day, there and back as I have committments both Friday and Sunday! I’ll be looking forward to see how you do.

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