Master Cleanse 101

The human body is an amazing thing. God created it in a way that allows it to adapt to various circumstances, and all the positive and negative stimuli we throw at it. Give the body what it needs, and it will do its work to remain in a state of optimal health.

But…what happens when we expose our bodies to a regular regime of overly-processed, toxin-filled food, contaminated air, chemical-laden skin products, and negative thoughts? What happens when we continue that regime over a period of time, say decades?

Add to that forgetting to keep God at the center of our lives. 

The body will still do its best to remain healthy, but it’s fighting a losing battle. Our miraculous bodies can only be expected to do just so much.

 So, what’s a body to do? Just like a ship taking on water, it sends out SOS signals. Sadly, we’ve come to consider the warning signs of fatigue, poor digestion, overweight, and a myriad of other symptoms to be the new “normal”. It takes something truly debilitating to jar us into taking action.

That’s the point where most people in America will jump on the pharmaceutical bandwagon, putting an expensive band aide on the body’s warning signs. Does that fix the problem? Would a band aide plastered on the side of the ship stop it from sinking?

What typically happens is the body will figure out a different signal to send out. Couple that with the side effects caused by the drug “solution” and, well, you see the problem.

So, what’s the alternative? How about going back to allowing the body to heal itself, the way God intended? Ultimately, that would entail taking in minimal toxins, but even before we commence with that new way of living, we need to clean out what’s already in there. How do you do that?

Enter the Master Cleanse, designed to pull the toxins from your cells and the built-up gunk from your colon. I know that doesn’t sound pretty, but better to get it out than to waste your precious energy lugging it around.

What is the Master Cleanse? Here’s my nutshell description, but for a thorough understanding, please see the recommended reading on my “resources” page.

For instructions on doing the cleanse, click here.

Developed in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, the cleanse has been safely and successfully used by thousands. While not in and of itself a “cure” for any disease, it cleans the body of the harmful toxic build-up that has caused the sickness and sluggishness. The cleanse facilitates the healing process.

While simple to do, it is important to follow the instructions carefully in order to achieve success. It is also important to know what to expect, so you won’t quit at the first sign of distress. It is perfectly normal for some of your symptoms to worsen on the cleanse before they get better. Best to understand that going in.

The process is simple: for a period of at least 10 days, consume nothing but a lemonade drink made by a particular recipe; herbal tea; water; and either a laxative tea or salt water rinse. That’s right- no solid food. It might sound radical, but the lemonade provides the body with all the nutrition it needs for that period of time. The absence of solid food gives the body the opportunity to clean itself out without expending energy on the enormously consuming task of digesting.

The lemonade recipe and a quick reference guide for doing the cleanse can be found at the following link:

Happy cleansing, and welcome to your new, healthy way of living.



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2 responses to “Master Cleanse 101

  1. MissMissie

    Hey! I just wanted to say thanks for posting a day to day, in regards to the cleanse, and also centering it around our Lord! I started it on Thursday, so this is my fourth day. Your blog was truly a blessing! Congratulations on finishing strong! Keep me in your prayers 🙂 only 8 more days… I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me 🙂

    • mochamama2

      Amen! I’m so happy you wrote. I will pray for you to have a positive cleansing experience. Eight more days are going to fly by. Yes, you can do all things through Christ. All our hope is in Him.

      What are your reasons for cleansing?

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