Master Cleanse- Day 5

My primary motivation for doing this cleanse, aside from reclaiming the lost energy of my youth, is to relieve my joint pain. I’ve had this issue with the hip bone connecting to the leg bone in a very painful way, and it’s gotten to the point where that Rascal  scooter thing is looking pretty good.

So, after 4 days on the cleanse, my aches are achier, but I feel things “moving” in my joints. Weird, I know. My back hurts, which isn’t usually a problem for me. I’m wondering if it’s the stress shifting around, since I’m chasing it out of my hips. I’m having trouble sleeping, so I hope that clears up.

I’m praying a lot.

Today I took my cleansing self with my family to a social event.  I was trying to be stealthy- not talk about what I was doing or the fact that I wasn’t eating, but just as I was starting to mix up my lemonade from the concentrate I’d brought with me, everyone at the party gathered around me. That doesn’t normally happen to me at parties. They all cast curious glances at what I was doing. I could see the words “what is that?” hovering over their heads, but nobody said anything.

It turned out to be no big deal. My husband explained enough to put people’s curiosity to rest, and I kept busy serving the kids while everyone ate. Here’s the interesting part to me; the food looked and smelled delicious, and that seemed almost as satisfying as eating it. I didn’t expect that. I’d expected to really suffer and feel deprived, but that didn’t happen at all. In fact, it was a relief, in an odd way, not to have the I-shouldn’t-have-eaten-that-cake feeling that you sometimes get when you indulge just because everyone else is.

I’m still feeling achy but my energy is up slightly. Forging ahead!



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2 responses to “Master Cleanse- Day 5

  1. somedayistoday

    I’m having the same results. My back is achy and my joints are still too! My trainer says its definitely part of the detox process and should go away in a few days. Great job at the party! That’s so funny that everyone asked what you were doing while the party I was at no one asked me. 🙂

    • mochamama2

      I’m really glad to hear that you’re having joint and back pain too. Ok, that came out all wrong. What I meant was, it’s good to hear from someone who’s having the same experience. It makes me feel not so all-alone (cue violins, please). Good to know that it’s a normal part of the process.

      Keep going!

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