Master Cleanse- Day 8

I haven’t had time to research and write about any health topics, which is my eventual intention here. I’ve been busy re-editing my novel and helping a friend with hers ( a historical romance that’s so good I don’t want to stop reading).

I can’t believe I’m on day 8. I’m trying not to think about how many days till solid food touches my lips again, so I’m focusing on thanking God for getting me this far.

Not much to report. I’m hoping for some kind of “breakthrough”.  My backache is gone and my hip/leg pain feels pretty much like it has been for the past few months. I realize it could take several cleanses to get totally detoxed, but I sure could use some sign that it’s doing some good. I just have to keep praying and relying on the Lord to do His work.

My daughters and I went to the PCC (our local natural market) today to get more lemons and syrup. I came face to face with about 12 flavors of rice cakes on a shelf and I got really nostalgic. “I remember rice cakes!” After that, I got a little weepy over everything that I remember enjoying. We walked through the hot deli and stuck our noses next to everything. Boy, food has never smelled so good.

Before I started this cleanse, I was in a terrible food rut. Now, I’m really looking forward to planning menus and cooking again. Let me amend that- planning healthy menus.

I’m coming down the home stretch!


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