Master Cleanse- Day 9

It feels good to have almost hit the Day 10 mark and to know that I can make it to the mininum number of cleansing days. I’m aiming for 12, not because I wouldn’t want to do more, but because we’re leaving town on Friday.

The good news is that my energy seems to be back up to its pre-cleanse level. Ok, that’s not the youthful zeal I’m aiming for, but I don’t feel like I’m in shut-down mode like those first few days.

The good news also is that my research about my hip pain has been very encouraging. The pain itself really hasn’t altered much this past week, but I’ve been reading a lot about pH balance in the body and how to achieve that with diet and well… I’ll leave that for a future post.

Still no real  cravings, but I am a bit obsessed with food. No, that’s not the same thing. A craving would be a very unpleasant desire to drive to 7-Eleven and wipe them out of Haggen Daz Rum Raisin. I’m caught up in designing our new and improved eating plan once I’m able to ingest solids again. It’s really not enough for me to clean out my system; I need to keep it from getting this way again.

So, last night I had the house to myself (kids at sleepovers, hubby at work) and I made 4 weeks worth of menus while watching Matthew Broderick in “The Music Man”. I’m really encouraged that this cleanse is going to boot us out of our food rut, because I’m riding the wave of culinary creativity.

One more thing I want to touch on. For anyone thinking of doing the cleanse, don’t think of it as a 10-day thing that’s going to fix all your problems. For people who are seriously toxic (like me with my pain that I refuse to label with the “A” word) it’s probably going to take several cleanses to get your house in order. I’ve read that you should cleanse till your tongue is pink, then do it seasonally for maintainance.

Let me explain the tongue thing. That white coating on your tongue is an indication of your digestive health. A perfectly pink, not coated tongue would tell you that you’re in the clear. You probably feel like conquering the world.  During the cleanse, that coating will increase before it recedes. I intend to keep cleansing, with breaks in between, till the darn thing is pink.

By the way, if anyone tells you that it’s the white coating on your tongue that causes bad breath, laugh in their face (that’ll show ’em). It’s not the coating, but what the coating is signaling, that can cause problems. Don’t blame the messenger.

Off to another barbeque, thermos in hand.


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