Master Cleanse- Day 12; Farewell (for Now) to Lemonade

Today is the last lemonade day of my first cleanse. There are a few things I’ll miss about it. I like not having to think about what to eat (even though I’ve been feeding my family throughout this process, so I haven’t gotten a true reprieve). I’ll miss the “clean” feeling, and the sense of my energy going toward things other than digesting. I’ve enjoyed the weight loss, and I hope to maintain that.

I had what I would call a God thing happen today. Last night I had a bit of a dispute with my hubby when I told him I wanted to do another cleanse in a week or so. He questioned the value, since my results aren’t yet visible. I tried to explain that it’s going to take time, and that I know it’s been doing me a lot of good even though I’m still in pain. The bottom line is that he’s concerned about the cost (darn organic lemons). It’s symptomatic of a bigger issue we have regarding food- I want to think long term and he tends to focus primarily on cost. Now, you would think our strengths would blend well together, but we had a heated discussion and neither of us felt appeased.

Here comes the God intervention. My hubby came home from work today enthusiastic about the cleanse and its benefits. He’d met an accupuncturist at his job who knows about the cleanse and gave it credibility. He was able to answer questions about the health aspects of it that I couldn’t in my defensiveness.

One thing the accupuncturist told him was that joint pain tends to get worse on the cleanse. I’m hoping I feel better in the next few days.

Now my husband even wants to do a cleanse with me. Ah, togetherness.



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3 responses to “Master Cleanse- Day 12; Farewell (for Now) to Lemonade

  1. Yay, you made it! Good for you!

  2. Joyfull

    That’s a beautiful thing! I am on my last day as well. Day 10. I read a few places that you shoudl take 60 days in between cleanses. Have you read otherwise? I, too, would be interested in doing it again sooner than 60 days. What have people who have been on them before reccomended? All the best to you & your hubbby.

    • mochamama2

      60 days?! I haven’t read that anywhere. The author of “The Complete Master Cleanse” did 15 days on and 15 days off till he’d done 100 days, then seasonally for maintenance. 60 days sounds more like a maintenance schedule to me.

      If you peruse the internet, you find all kinds of contradictory information about the cleanse, including recommendations to buy “necessary” supplements. I think it’s best to read the books (see my ‘resources’ page) and stick with what they say. There are some forums out there too, but again take everything with a grain of salt. Or a glass of salt water, in this case :).

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