Ending the Master Cleanse- or Hello, OJ!

Oranges, Poranges

Oranges, Poranges

The picture at left is pretty much what my kitchen looked like today.

This was my day of nothing but fresh squeezed orange juice, although I did opt to do the salt water rinse one more time. I went through two big bags of organic oranges, which cost a small fortune, and boy was that juice delicious.

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the day. I’m hungrier than on the lemonade days, but not as much as I’d expected. I’ve been a bit bearish this evening, but I blame it on the fact that my girls made chocolate mints after dinner. I’m entitled to a little crankiness, don’t you agree? Well, don’t you?

Two good things happened in my writing career today, although I seem to be the only one who sees them as significant. First, I got accepted to write about Natural Health in Seattle for an online news journal. I’m excited about it, and it actually pays. Ok, it probably won’t put the kids through college, but it’s another line in the water.

The second thing, speaking of ‘pay’ is that I got my first money as a writer today. It’s for one of my e-How articles and I’m very pleased. So, it’s only $.14 and I don’t actually get it till it’s up to $10, but it’s a start and that’s what matters.

Speaking of e-How, here’s the link to my article “How to End the Master Cleanse”.  

Tomorrow I get vegetable broth, and those veggies are on my counter staring at me right now. I can only imagine how that broth is going to taste. I’m focusing on that to cleanse my brain of the one image that’s been sitting in it all day: Nachos.  Yes, I put that in bold letters to emphasis its power over my psyche all day. I’m not talking your cheap 7-Eleven middle-of-the-night-process-cheese-food snack. No, my friend. I’m talking organic tortilla chips topped with home cooked pinto beans and an extra sharp antibiotic-free cheddar (made from happy cows). That’s just the base. Top that off with crispy organic shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, shredded carrot, and my own personal favorite, fresh jalapenos. Add a dollop of fresh sour cream and we’re ready for dinner.

I’m happier just for having written that. Sorry if I made your stomach growl.


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