Hello Veggie Broth

Soup's on!

Soup's on!

Making Veggie Broth
Making Veggie Broth

I really want to share with you how beautiful my lunch looked as I was making it. I thoroughly enjoyed chopping up the veggies for my broth, knowing that finally I was actually making something that I’d be able to eat. Well, part of it at any rate.

While the soup was cooking, my girls even commented on how good it smelled. They were right.

Since today is a ‘broth only’ day, I had to set aside all the veggies (I got to eat just a little- yum!). I put a bit of sea salt and a dash of cayenne into the broth, and had two bowlfuls. Boy, was that ever good. I get to have more tonight, and I’m looking forward to it already.

I’m trying to use this experience to focus on things other than the physical. The trouble is when I pray, my mind wanders more than usual. The good news is that I haven’t thought about nachos once today. Oops. Ok, maybe once.

One more day and I’m back to normal eating. Then it will be time to talk about pH and how it affects our diet. Brace yourselves.



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