Goodbye to Acidity

Going Green

Going Green

Today is Day one of a new cleanse of sorts. As I was coming off the Master Cleanse, I read Christopher Vasey’s book “The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimal Health”. There are a lot of books out now about eating green and balancing your body’s pH. They basically state that if you eat more foods that are alkalinizing than foods that are acidifying, your pH will be in balance. According to the theory, no disease can exist in an alkaline environment. It makes sense if you think about it. The alkalinizing foods are the foods we know we should be eating more of, and the acidifying foods… well, let’s just say it’s not hard to guess which list Twinkies are on.

There’s a pretty substantial list of ailments that can be a direct result of too much acid in the system, including my personal favorites- joint pain and fatigue. Could my answer be at hand?

I’ve been intrigued by the pH balanced diet as a way of preventing disease and maintaining health, but this book really set me on a different path. Dr. Vasey classifies foods as “acidifying”, “alkalinizing”, or “weak-acid”. According to him, the foods in the third catagory can be acidifying or alkalinizing depending on the ability of the individual to metabolize acids. This really got me thinking, because the foods in that catagory do seem to be a problem for me. I get really tired after I eat sometimes, and that would seem to explain it.

The problem is that two of the foods on that list are the foods that were my mainstay on the Cleanse- lemons and oranges.

So, if the source of my achiness and fatigue is too much acid in my body, did I spend the two weeks on the Cleanse actually intensifying my problem rather than solving it? Hmmm….

Fortunately, Dr. Vasey gives an easy plan for reducing the acids in your system. He states that if you eat only alkalinizing foods and take an alkaline supplement, you should be able to tell fairly quickly if your symptoms are the result of too much acid. It might take awhile to entirely correct the problem, but it seems worthwhile to test it.

Some sources will tell you that there’s nothing to the pH theory. In his book “An Apple a Day”, for example, Joseph Schwarcz calls it “nonsense”. What are we to believe? I need to have hope that there’s a solution for my health issues, and I’m certainly willing to give eating more greens a try.

I do want to add that I’m still a big fan of the Master Cleanse, and I do believe it did me some good. I’m holding out hope that not only will my pain go away, but that my ability to metabolize acids will correct itself and I’ll be able to do the cleanse again as I had planned. So, for the coming week (if I can stand it, that is) I’m going to stick to Dr. Vacey’s recommended alkalinizing diet and see what happens. He doesn’t advise sticking to this diet for more than a week, since it is pretty restrictive. I’m really anxious to see what happens. If I don’t pass out from hunger.


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