Mostly Greens, Day 3

I would love to hear from anybody else who’s “gone green” or done a raw food diet. Ultimately, I can’t see going completely raw, but I can see doing it for a period of healing, then moving to a more-raw lifestyle. Raw veggies and nuts can be really delicious and easy to grab and go.

I’ve been going through this phase of cleaning up  past messes, and feeling really behind. I’ve wondered if it’s time to give up on certain areas of my life. I don’t want to, but I have wondered if I’m resisting God’s plan for my life by putting so much energy into certain things that sometimes seem… well… imobile.

Then last Sunday, as often happens, our pastor gave a message that was clearly directed specifically at me 🙂 He talked about letting Jesus into the dark corners of our lives that we’ve given up on. Talk about a timely message for me. It gave me renewed hope. I need to keep praying and keep plugging away.

He also told a cute story that I keep referring back to in my mind. A man approaches a boy in the middle of a Little League game and asks him the score.

“We’re down 18 to 0”, the boy answers.

“Wow,” the man responds. “You must be really discouraged.”

“Naw,” the boy shrugs. “We haven’t even gone up to bat yet.”

That is so my life. I’ve been dwelling on how far behind I am without even realizing I haven’t even made it up to bat. 

I guess it’s time to suit up and get in some practice swings.


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One response to “Mostly Greens, Day 3

  1. somedayistoday

    I’m eating a lot raw these days but am still eating fish, chicken and a little beef. I’m not sure I could go completely green like you are. I commend you! Love the inspirational story. I relate to that too…I find too often I count myself out before I even go up to bat!

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