The Upside of Bunny Food

My Faux-ka

My Faux-ka

I’m happy to report that I’m wearing my very skinny jeans- the ones that I’ve kept in my closet just-in-case. I’m wearing them, and breathing too.

Also, my hip pain is waning. It’s still there, but it’s much gentler than it’s been in weeks. I’m not sure if this is due to my diet, but hope springs eternal.

I’m re-reading “The pH Miracle” by Robert. O. Young, PhD. I read it last year and while it got me thinking, it was a bit too overwhelming to act on at the time. It’ s funny how your perspective changes when a health issue shows its flair. Now as I read, I’m encouraged by all the stories of people bringing their bodies back from serious illness and restoring their vitality just through diet changes. It makes me wonder how people can think of this as “nonsense” in the face of so much positive evidence. Actually, I know how. People get downright angry when you try to take away their Big Mac. I don’t blame them. I feel the same way about my double tall soy mocha.

Speaking of that, I found a coffee substitute that’s actually alkalinizing and tastes great. My personal barista, aka my daughter, just made me a “faux-ka” with almond milk. It’s an alkalinizing treat that I can almost believe is the real thing when I have it in my Starbuck’s mug. All that and no caffeine.

If you want to check out the “coffee” for yourself, click here to go to their website.


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