Green- My New Favorite Color

Glorious Green

Glorious Green

Actually, green has always been my favorite color, but that wouldn’t make for much of an analogy.

As I delve further into the idea of eating for pH balance, I get more confused. I know this is just a phase that I’m passing through enroute to culinary enlightenment, but it’s difficult to shift your thinking so far from the norm. It really isn’t a new concept to me that our Standard American Diet doesn’t do us any favors, but there’s so much emotion, tradition, and habit wrapped up in the way we eat. How do I gently transition my family and myself into a healthier way of being that’s so far from what most everyone else is doing? How do I feed them normal-seeming, guilt-free meals that they’ll eat and enjoy?

I believe my next step for myself has to be several weeks of pretty much nothing but green juices, raw veggies and soups. I’m wondering though how people do that. With everything I have to do, I need more energy than I get from nibbling on raw broccoli.  

I’m enjoying reading “The pH Miracle”, but it does throw me into a bit of a panic. I’m at a point in the book where it just seems like the authors’ aim is to zap the fun out of everything. No meat? No fruit? Are these people insane?

On the other hand, the thought of pain-free joints and renewed vitality is pretty motivating. I could drink a lot of spinach juice on the promise of that.



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4 responses to “Green- My New Favorite Color

  1. angelcel

    Oh wow, this is a serious eating regime you’re on. I don’t think I’d have the staying power to keep on such a strict diet but on the other hand I too have suffered chronic pain so I know that it’s very debilitating (not to mention depressing). I hope this works for you.

  2. mochamama2

    Thanks Angelcel. I would highly recommend reading “The pH Miracle” if you haven’t already. I’m developing the mindset that it’s a strict plan during the healing phase, but after that you can lighten up. I’m not there yet, of course, but I believe you can maintain health and still have some flavor in your life. Man does not live by broccoli alone, although it is tasty for breakfast.

  3. You go!! I noticed pounds literally dropping off into oblivion when I first tried this method of eating. My mom, 88 at the time, came to stay with me, and I was trying to feed her really well. My weight – really fat- loss was lagniappe.

    • mochamama2

      Lagniappe- an unexpected or indirect benefit. (I had to look it up.)

      I’m looking forward to reading your blog. I want to share this information with everybody who’s trying to lose weight.

      How did your mom do on this eating plan?

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