Money Money Money

Money Roll

Money Roll

Yesterday was all about money. Ok, not ALL about money, but at least a good percentage. Since money is a major source of stress, and stress is a major player in our health, I think it’s an appropriate topic for this blog.

Our church hosted Eric Wilson, who penned (among many other things) the novelization of the movie “Fireproof”. Since the audience was primarily writers, he gave us an honest assessment of what it’s really like working in the profession. The main answer to that is, even for a writer fortunate enough to land on the best seller list, the money isn’t exactly rolling in.

I’m not surprised. It’s a little disconcerting to have someone who’s living it show you their actual numbers, but I felt an unexpected sense of relief. Ok, so I’m NOT slaving away over a hot computer for the promise of financial gain. There must be a deeper reason. I know I do it because God called me to, and whenever I ask Him what I should be doing to help out financially, He very clearly answers Just keep writing.


Later in the day, my husband and I met with a woman who’s helping us get started with a program that’s going to help us pay down our mortgage and other debt faster. We got introduced to this by a good friend of mine, who has known this gal for years and has a powerful testimony of how she helped them. I’m so happy to finally have someone to help us straighten out this area of our lives and to set us back on the right path. As soon as I start to see the program work for us, I’ll be shouting from the rooftops and, metaphorically,  from my blog. I’ll want everybody to know about it, because debt is killing so many people. Believe me, it’ll be a ‘tell all your friends’ kind of thing, so stay tuned.


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