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How Important is Our Childrens’ Health?

Food PyramidHave you eaten lunch in a school cafeteria lately? Since my daughters attend classes in a homeschool resource center, part of  the public school system, I’ve had the pleasure of partaking of the cuisine designed to nourish growing bodies and minds. I’m here to tell you, it’s a mighty scary thing.

Not only have the lunch prices nearly doubled in the last couple of years, but the meals have become even less recognizable as actual food. Sure the iceburg lettuce and apple may have their origins in nature, but that breaded chicken patty on a white bun hardly seems worth the energy it would take to consume. My daughters and I agree, we’re better off taking the time to pack our own lunch than to waste our money on that junk.

The frightening thing is, lots of parents assume that if the school is serving it, it must be nutritious. How wrong can they be? If more parents would take the time to learn about true nutrition, would the schools be forced to change? Here’s an interesting article that encourages parents to take action for the future health of our children. The accompanying video is fascinating; did you know that they’ve had to rename Adult Onset Diabetes because so many children are now afflicted?

Gee, is that an indication that we should rethink how we feed our children?


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