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Time to Detox

Ok, I’m back. I haven’t put any time into blogging since school started (in addition to being a writer with novel #2 in the works, I homeschool my kids). I’m a little amazed that I’ve had visiters to my blog even while I’ve been off focusing on other things.

Welcome to the first Monday of the new year-two distinctions that officially designate this as a great day to begin my new quest for health. I’m starting a new eating program (I hate the word “diet”, and my aim here isn’t on weight loss anyway). I’m using a wonderful book I discovered called “The Raw Detox Diet” (there’s that “D” word again. I guess I’ll have to get over it) by Natalia Rose. I’ll tell you more about the program as I progress, but today I’ll give a quick rundown of my reasons for doing it:

  • It’s time to start taking care of myself. Really. 2010 is the year of Extreme Self-Care.
  • Unless I make some changes, the arthritis in my hips is going to put me in a wheelchair.
  • I’m sick of daily pain (again with the hips).
  • I’m sick of always feeling tired.

I started off today, as per the plan, by eating a banana. Some of the raw diets I’ve read tell you not to eat fruit. What? You mean I’m supposed to be content eating nothing but raw veggies and sprouted grains for the rest of my days? I think not. God created a variety of enjoyable foods for us (and no, I don’t include HoHos in that statement).  Anyway, that’s one thing I love about this plan-fruit in abundance. I can live with that.

In about half and hour, I’ll have sprouted toast with avocado. I’ve never been a huge fan of the avocado, so we’ll see how that goes. Oh, by the way, this diet isn’t entirely raw-another plus in my book.

More about all the reasons for the menu choices later. Suffice to say, it’s all about digestion.

Happy New Year!


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Master Cleanse- Day 6; Let’s Talk About Weight Loss

Day 6. Another social event. This one involved barbequing.

I’m really not experiencing any bona fide cravings, but when I see food I like, I daydream about healthier ways to fix it.

I read that when you’re detoxing a particular food, you get either a craving for it, or you can actually taste it. That hasn’t happened to me, so I wonder how deeply I’m detoxing so far. If I start craving Haggen Daz, I’ll know I’ve reached the ’80’s.

On that note, I want to touch on the subject of weight loss. That’s probably the number one health issue in our society, and the most popular reason for doing this cleanse. The concern is that when you go off the cleanse, all lean and happy, you’re not tempted to celebrate with a trip to Krispie Creme. The idea is to use the cleanse to kick start a healthier lifestyle that will naturally support your best weight.

More about what that healthier lifestyle should look like in future posts.

For me, the weight loss is a bonus, albeit a welcome one.

I’m not exactly sure when I last saw the needle on the scale point to my “happy weight”, but I do think there were wedding bells in the background. Eleven years and two kids later, I found myself battling what I like to call “the stubborn five”. Ok, the stubborn five looked more like 13, but who’s counting?

In my two weeks of prepping for the cleanse, I lost 5 pounds. So far during the cleanse I’ve dropped another 5, so my happy weight is starting to wave in anticipation of my re-arrival.

I’m really interested to see how the scale tips over the coming week, and what happens when I go back to eating.

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