Reversing Diabetes?

Raw Vegan Sushi

Raw Vegan Sushi

I have no problem believing that our diet has a significant impact on our health. I can even buy that a vegetarian diet might be ideal. But Raw? My personal jury is still out on that one. I confess my apprehension has a lot to do with my emotional attachment to food. Cooked food. Old habits die hard, and they do get in the way of my desire for change.

Still, my aching joints tell me my old ways are no longer serving me. How much evidence do I need that a raw diet is at least beneficial, if not all out optimal? I just heard about a new documentary called Simply Raw. It depicts the journey of six diabetics who go on a strict raw diet for a month. By the end of the 30 days…. well, don’t they say that type 2 diabetes is irreversible?

Don’t they say the same thing about arthritis?



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3 responses to “Reversing Diabetes?

  1. My question: Isn’t suishi raw fish? Therefore how can they call something vegan ‘suishi’? 🙂

    • Nicole Besler

      There are many types of vegan sushi. Acacado, Oshinko, cucumber, yam tempura, mango…. oh man my mouth is watering!

  2. Oh, look at that…. I spelled sushi wrong twice in the above comment. (That’s why I have such a great critique partner, to catch all my spelling mistakes.)

    Hanging my head as I walk off to find my dunce cap. 🙂

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